Liverpool forward Kate Longhurst spoke of the positives after her sides 5-3 defeat to Arsenal at the weekend to close off the WSL season. “It was great for the neutral but maybe not so great for us as a team. There were a lot of positives for us but really its five sloppy goals that we’ve let in.”

“We made sure at the beginning of the season that it doesn’t matter what anyone else says because we know, as a group, what we can achieve and that’s all that matters. We’ve done really well this season with some of the results we’ve got and we could have done better; we got off to a poor start and everyone was right.”

“We knew we had the quality and it was just tidying up a few things and on the whole we’ve had a positive season.” “I think when you have a good team it wins you four or five points a season because you can battle through anything. When its not going well we don’t get on each other’s backs and we make sure that we focus on the positives. Yes, we demand more on each other when it’s not going well but we’ve got a really strong close-knit team and its been like that since I got here. The players here, once you buy into it, I think you keep hold of that it doesn’t matter who comes in, who goes, it has to stay exactly the same.”

Asked about her thoughts on the WSL calendar Longhurst added: “It has [felt disjointed], we shouldn’t have to go a month without playing a game. You’ve got three games in the space of 10 days and then you’ve not got a game for a month. You can’t get any real kind of consistency so hopefully with the change in the league next year it should work out better for us.”

When asked about how she felt the players would cope with the Spring Series: “Its a bit of an odd one.” “With the mini-league it gives us a chance to work out how we’re gonna play and maybe give people game time who’ve not really had it. For some people its preparation for the Euro’s.”

Finally the Liverpool player was optimistic in her sides progression for next season’s WSL season.

“We’ve not been far off [the top teams] this season in terms of results we’ve had agains the top three teams; we’ve beaten Arsenal, come close against Chelsea and we’ve drawn twice with Man City so we’re not far off. What you look at is more consistency and Chelsea and Man City have that; they’ve had a lot more consistency than any other team. That’s something with a young team we have to build on. I can see a lot of ability in this team and that’s something we can build on for next season.”